1. What is the need to have an agent in India for sourcing ?
India is a large country, and leather industry is divided into the 4 extreme ends in India and only an experienced agent like Vhin Enterprise in India can guide the customers to the right suppliers in terms of quality, pricing, and services in the shortest possible time, thereby cutting down unnecessary travel time spent and expenses for the buyers

2. Will the product be more expensive if we go through the agent, as the agent is also getting a commission?
In most situation using an agent Like Vhin Enterprise is going to in fact cut the price of the product and save a lot of expense and head ache, as the agent can guide the supplier based on the agents' understanding of the buyers' requirement to use the right priced raw material, even the sourcing of the right priced raw material, handling the day to day communication and giving updates to the customer as well as alerting the suppliers on delays, quality issues etc. Saving the buyer considerable time, being in the action place for the buyer, and following up on the requirement of the buyer than having own cost centres in india like offices and paid staff.

3. Who will ensure the quality and quantity ?
Vhin Enterprise does a thorough inspection to verify the quality and quantity before shipment

4. What areas can be handled by Vhin Enterprise in India ?
Vhin can be like the buyer's representative in India for all the requirements like product development, costings, scheduling, quality control, communication and follow ups, periodic reporting tracking of the shipments, arranging most economic and efficient frieght forwarders and after sales service or handling of any dispute apart from that the buyer can feel at home in India as Vhin will take care of all the arrangements for the buyer'r travel, stay and food according to their preference.

5. Whether what is being discussed and our products will be kept confidential ?
Vhin Enterpsrise, partners have more than 2 decades of experience and Vhin realizes the importance of confidentiality and work ethics. This will be respected always

6. How will Vhin know our requirements in terms of quality, policies and work culture ?
Vhin , makes sure that by way of extensive discussions both in india and the location of the buyer, grasps fully the requirement of the buyer to guide him to the right matching supplier to have a long term business relationship.

Vhin Enterprises
is an Indian agency with international tie ups in the field of import and export of leather , Export of shoes and shoe uppers, Export of leather goods and Leather garments, and Local supplies of leather, shoes, and shoe uppers.

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